Log home services:

Your log home team. It is important to remember when selecting your log home dealer, general contractor, log home financier, and other members of your team that you include reliability and personality in the criteria. Obviously they need to be talented and provide the quality of products and services you need, however it is also important that you like them. You will be making thousands of decisions; you will also be relying on other people for a majority or possibly the entire project. Things will not always go according to plan. However, it is important to remember that very few things aren’t fixable, so if you have a reliable team that are pleasant to communicate with; the project will be enjoyable from start to finish.

Designing a log home is an exciting challenge. The first step is to view countless floor plans and walk through as many log homes as possible. During our log home seminars we provide the floor plans to all our homes on the tour. We find it helps with determining spatial orientation and room layout. It is very helpful to see completed projects and compare them to your vision. After the review, we may start by sketching something from scratch or off of one of our completed projects. This log home sketch allows us to make the necessary changes and allows you to see your vision on paper. Once we’ve created our first sketch, we allow you to review it again for any other modifications. We then hand the sketch off to the design team to make the subtle refinements that you require to create the preliminary plan. After we have created your preliminary plan we allow you to review and edit until they are exactly as you vision. After they meet your approval, we then create the final log home construction plans.

Log home construction loans are an important first step in financing your dream home. You will find that some lenders provide both the log home construction financing and the log home permanent financing, where other banks prefer to just finance one loan or the other. The few banks that combine both the construction lending and the permanent financing typically have a more stringent underwriting and draw schedules.

However, there are a few log home construction lenders out there that do an excellent job and make the process of borrowing money enjoyable.

Obtaining log home permanent financing and log home loans is concurrent to obtaining log home construction financing. However, if you know what banks to start with and the questions to ask, obtaining a log home loan can be easier than a conventional loan.

Log home construction is more of an art than a process. To craft a beautiful log home it takes extra care and attention to detail. It is really important to select a builder that has experience building log homes and is familiar with the intricacies. A popular quote is “A poor builder can turn a good log home kit into a poor home, and good builder can’t turn a poor log home kit into a good home, but a good builder and good log home kit will result in a masterpiece.”

Log home decorating is an exciting opportunity to create your masterpiece. There are 1000’s of different combinations and decorating choice and each will reflect your taste and personality. Some great decorating ideas can be found by viewing some of our completed projects. If you’re still looking for the perfect log furniture to complete a room, consider viewing our log home furnishings.

Log home insurance can be initially perceived as a challenging task. It is not, however there are a few agencies that are more experienced with log homes than others. The common roadblock found in insuring a log home is the lack of a universal equation to determine the replacement cost. If you can find an agent that has an understanding of log home replacement cost, you will have little trouble in getting your log home insured.

Log home maintenance is oftentimes synonymous with log homes. With a Strongwood log home you will find your maintenance labor to be minimal. The average maintenance requirement of a Strongwood log home is applying a sealer every three to five years. We use Sikkens or Sansin as our recommended log home sealer. Sikkens sealer has more sheen when compared to Sansin. Sansin has more of a matte finish. Other common log home maintenance concerns such as chinking, caulking, patching or adjusting are NOT necessary on a Strongwood log home.