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Log home construction is more of an art than a process. To craft a beautiful log home it takes extra care and attention to detail. It is really important to select a builder that has experience building log homes and is familiar with the intricacies. A popular quote is “A poor builder can turn a good log home kit into a poor home, and good builder can’t turn a poor log home kit into a good home, but a good builder and good log home kit will result in a masterpiece.”

The construction process involves stacking the logs according to plans. Log stacking will start with a starter log. This log is first in the series of logs for the wall. Once the starter log is secured, the next step is to place an expanding foam gasket on tongue located on top of the starter log. Next to the foam gasket apply a bead of weather seal caulk on each side of the tongue. This will create a triple weatherproof seal. Repeat this process throughout each course of logs, constantly leveling the logs to ensure a strait and level log wall. It takes patience, attention to detail, and a passion for working with wood to create the perfect log wall.

Special attention to detail is required for accurate outlet, switch, vent, and fixture placement. Holes are drilled in each log individually during the stacking process. Once outlet, switch and vent placement has been decided, it is difficult to change. However, modifications are part of the construction process, so with a little notice a solution is typically not an issue.

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